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I would like to explain in the simplest terms for all the believers and non believers to be able to resonate to the idea of vibrational meditation music. so here goes, everything that exists vibrates and this vibration causes energy just like rubbing your hands together causes friction and the energy produced in that case being heat, in this case its sound and then the frequency passes that energy from one place to another just like radio waves taking your wifi from place to place. We all know that music its self can have an emotional and physical effect just from listening to our favourite bands and singers this can make us happy sad, angry, hopeful can bring us out of depressed states or make us cry and crying is not always a sad thing we can cry happy or sad and usually the crying relives stress and is exactly what we need to heal.

So when we go a step further and add ancient tones                                                                                                  ( solfeggio frequencies  http://barryb3.sg-host.com/the-solfeggio-frequencies/ )                         and binaural beats (brainwave balancing frequencies) http://barryb3.sg-host.com/binaural-beats/    within the music we can really harness the healing power in the meditation music

From being a musician and music study in my youth learning multiple instruments studying meditation, qi gong and mainly practicing and teaching the art of tai chi for the past 25 years I have acquired a fair amount of knowledge in the internal arts chi & the chakra energy system auras self healing and everything in between

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