Peaceful Zen Warrior-root

The Root Chakra Red

  Root Chakra – Ancient Tones frequencies & Binaural Beats Meditation Music Singing Bowl  

All Seeing

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order let go of the physical awaken the spiritual  

Storm Song

741hz Thunder storm with binaural beats detoxify mind body & surroundings tranquil sounds of thunder and binaural beats 

The Bass Chakra

The bass Chakra  Root Chakra Become Grounded Connect to the Earth Align Your Center    

Peacezful zen warriror


396hz Calming Meditation Music Sleep Relaxation Remove anxiety worrying


Signs Original meditation music Relaxing meditation music Healing tones Binaural Beats sleep music

Heart Of The Ocean

Heart of the Ocean  396hz miracle tone with binaural beats and calming sounds of the living ocean to liberate fear and guilt from our lives…

Healing Forest Spring

The first Original © All Music are copyrighted to Peaceful Zen Warrior youtube channel Peaceful Zen healing spring sounds to calm the mind & awaken the spirit.

Purple Orient

New and first release not A Peaceful Zen Warrior Original But great Track from