About Me

Hi I’m

Peaceful Zen Warrior

Meditation & Vibration for Healing

Hello To all the peaceful Warriors out there.

So what put me on this path…

Growing up with a love for music & learning to play at a young age never serious professional but with a passion and sharing with people I love and company I enjoy, sometimes  playing marathon durges that would make pink Floyd envious.

Music took a back seat in my life when I met my first Sifu (Chinese martial arts teacher/master )

I Started the practice of Tai chi chuan and after a year added kung fu but my heart was in tai chi it resonated with my entire being and still does…

After many years of practice I become a teacher, I wanted to help people make a difference in there lives give them something useful something that worked as it had for me in health of mind and body.

The most amazing changes happened for me when I started to have a understanding of Jin or internal energy (Chi).

I already had a understanding of vibration and tones for healing purposes and now things made a lot more sense.

Having studied Tai chi, Qi-gong meditation for the past 25+ years I realized that not everyone loves tai chi as much as me and its actually really hard to learn without fully committed dedication.

So what could I do how could I use my knowledge to help others how could I make a difference and be useful.

It was at this point (why it never hit me before this I will never know ) while listening to some music i like for tai chi practice it suddenly hit me I think I can do this I think this can help others.

Meditation Music using Ancient tones and vibrations binaural beats to heal and cleanse the internal energy pathways that ultimately effect our physical being.

So after running the idea by family friends and some close students this is the path I decided to take  and I hope I can help and make a difference to people that need it along the way and maybe you will follow me on this journey and become a Peaceful Zen Warrior to see hope to find my new brothers and sisters out there in the ethos.

Much love to all take care of each other…  


Coming Soon…